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Igi2 mission7

I.G.I.-2: Covert Strike
7. Border Crossing


Anya: Jones,are you there Jones? Please tell me you`re ok......

Jones: Ugh. Anya! What`s going on?

Anya:  It's me Jones. No time for chatter, that can wait. I can't get a lock on your position from the satellite data. Where are you?

Jones: Lying in my own blood in the middle of somewhere, but I think I'll survive.The Map Computer's trashed. There's a radio transmitter up ahead - I might be able to signal from there on an open frequency.

Anya:  On an open channel? They'll home in on you right away. We don't have too many options though.Go for it, just be careful.


1. Ambush Communications vehicle guards

2. Send radio signal for rescue helicopter

3. Move to extraction zone


Objective 1Edit


Sneaking up on the sniper

  • Head down towards the communications mast you see in the distance.
  • Approach the sniper from behind and knife him silently.
  • Grab his rifle.
  • Now crouch round under the truck and creep up on the two guards from behind - knife them both before they see you.

Objective 2Edit

  • Use the radio mast to send a signal back to IGI headquarters

Objective 3Edit

  • Head Southwest from the transmitter towards the depression in the ground.
  • Keep running southwest, lying in bushes for cover when the Helicopter is overhead.
  • Use the Thermo Imaging device to spot the sniper in the trees in front of you and surprise him from behind with the knife.
  • Run Southwest again avoiding the APC to your right and avoiding straying out into the minefield.
  • Move towards the border, avoiding enemy patrols, and negotiate your way around the minefield going right and using the rope for guidance.
  • Use the sniper rifle to clear your route out
  • Climb the fence to reach the helicopter. FUCK

How to completeEdit

Hey all those who have stuck in the border crossing mission because of too many hostile
soldiers and minefields, pay attention here.
This is how u proceed --
1) after sending the signal from radio tower stand facing the front side of the truck and
then just start running to your right side. Stop when u see an apc tank. Back off and
crawl down to avoid its range and vision. (quick!!! )
2) now run to your left hand side towards a forest area where u will come across several
enemy soldiers.
3) try to encircle that area from right hand side and move towards forward. (kill anybody
who dares cross you through the bushes. Try not to use too many bullets. One directly to
the head does the job. )
4) go down the slope to your right hand side towards the minefield and run along it till u
see another of those damned apcs. Now crawl along the minefield rope and u will come quite
close to border which u have to cross. (this is so boring!!! )
You can use binoculars to see the chopper sent for your rescue to make sure u have reached
close to finishing mission. )
5) now comes the funny part - keep crawling along the minefield ropes till u get near a
squad of 5-6 soldiers. Kill them all.
6) keep crawling till u see a sign something like this <-- --> .
This is where you cross the minefield. Go along the left minefield rope here till u see a
tower with a man in it at the top.
7) shoot that *** by going as close to him as possible through bushes.
8) now just stand up and run towards the fences.
9) once near fences look for a triangular zigzag sign stuck on the fence. Go near it.
Almost touch it and a climbing sign shall display to the lower left corner of screen. Use
it to cross over and run towards your chopper. Mission complete

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