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Jones mapcomp

Jones using the Map Computer to communicate with Anya, in an IGI2 cutscene.

The Map Computer gives the player a realtime satellite image of the terrain with unit positions, and through it (IGI 2 only) the player can also access a limited save game system (2-5 saves). Objectives are also stored in the same computer, as uploaded by the Mission Director (Anya or White). It also helps Jones hack into security systems, providing the software that is necessary to break into the door keypad codes. See Door Hacking.

Unlike equipment that must be used when near certain objects, the Map Computer can be activated at any time using a hotkey, since it is equipment that Jones always carries.

IGI 1Edit

Project IGI: I'm Going In

  • Branded as SIMOTECH.

Map Computer IGI

IGI 2Edit

IGI 2: Covert Strike

  • Branded as ZIMO-TECH.

11. The Airfield

 Binoculars · Map Computer · Thermal Goggles

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