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  • Hi sir,

    I am Pavan from India.  I am trying to download and install this game on window 10 32 bit and I am unable to do so. all the same.  I have donwloaded The-Mark-IGI-III-wwwsoftquackcom (1).rar - RAR 5.0 archive, unpacked size 307,959,849 bytes and after running the setup.exe, at the end of the installation, I am getting this message. 

    16 bit MS-DOS subsystem.


    NTVDM has encountered a system error.

    The handle is invalid.

    Choose "Close" to terminate the application. 

    I am really upset with this.  I dont know how the hell on earth can I download this game on windows 10 32 bit.  


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    • I'm afraid I won't be able to help; I don't know much about this "IGI 3", which is obviously not an official game. Anyway, this website is maintained by fans, we are not tech support. You might want to ask on the website you downloaded the RAR archive from.

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    • Hello, Ultimate94ninja if you can give me permission then i can give him a correct downloading page link here in this comment?

      And hey A FANDOM User, i think you downloaded the virus .exe file and i don't think that it will run. You should to find out new website for downloading the igi games. Even mostly websites (which provides downloading links again and again) are fake and not protected that types of files can damage your system so be careful. Thanks


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Thank you for caring for this wiki and looking after the content. My regards.

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