Robert Quest
Robert Quest in his chopper
Also known as
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Veteran pilot, IGI
US Marines, Special Forces, Bodyguard of White
Character, NPC
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Appears as
Cutscenes, Enemy leader
Hit points
Tougher than normal NPCs

Robert Quest is David's veteran helicopter pilot, a strong man in his early fifties, who later betrays IGI, under the command of General Wu Xing.


Robert was born in 1951, and became a well known football player during High school and college. In 1971, he joined the USMC. He received Special Forces training, and was involved in a sniper mission under White in Combodia. He was discharged from the Marines, after assaulting a senior officer for the last time. Later on in life, he "booted out" the police force for killing some Korean kids who held up a store-keeper with a water pistol. It was during this period that he came across one of White's associates, who recruited him as a debt collector. After learning about his past, White took him on as his personal bodyguard, and together they have been involved in illegal operations ever since.


IGI 2Edit

He appears as one of the antagonists in this game. Robert acts as David's temporary pilot, piloting him to every single location in Russia to obtain the chips. Unknown to David, Robert has actually co-operated secretly with David's mission director, White in order to get the full set of the EMP chips and the blueprints too for their advantage. When David succeeds in getting all the chips, Robert "thanks" him for all his efforts and gives him a choice - David can either jump or Robert can shoot him; he assumes both way David dies, but David took the chance and jump (he indeed survived). Finally, Robert was killed by David in Egypt with his soldiers without his comrades and director's knowledge.


" Nice mess you made there, Jones."

" I'm coming to pick you with the goods just as soon as you've taken care of that APC and anyone in it. Don't want to scratch my chopper's paint job! "

" Hey, English. Try listening to him for 30 years, eh? Take it from me, that guy isn't going to get any sweeter "

" Took you long enough, English. But it's been real fun to see you work so hard to get us the EMP technology. Thanks for all your effort, you`ve earned yourself a choice - you can jump or I can shoot you - both ways you die. "



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