World War III is a term used to describe a hypothetical worldwide conflict following World War II. World War III is also called WWIII, WW3 or the Third World War. In IGI 2: Covert Strike, World War III is referred as a global warfare that was to be started by General Wu Xing. The plan was to launch a powrful nuclear rocket with coordination of EMP chips that would bring catastrophe universally and world would get converted into mob, which would be the dawn of World War III. But, he failed to achieve his goal as he was defied by David Jones, one of the best officers of IGI and the protagonist of the entire game. As a result, Xing was killed by Jones in Level 17. After various endeavours, finally in Level 19, Jones suceeded in preventing the rocket from heading towards its programmed destination and to detonate somewhere safe. He prevented a major disaster from occurring, and the world is once again safe.

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